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Hamburguesa La Costa ($5)

Mama Gloria and Papa Eloy's secret and beloved Tacos La Costa recipe! Oxnard's famous 1/4 lb. juicy and flavorful beef patty, crisp lettuce and diced onions, genorous serving of mayo and shredded cheese, in between toasty and buttery fresh buns. Double 'Guesa (+2)


Veggie Hamburguesa ($10) 

Plant based patty.


Filipino Spaghetti ($30)

Homemade creamy Filipino/Italian Spaghetti meat sauce cooked with ground beef & Filipino hot dogs topped with shredded cheese.


Filipino Lasagna ($30)

Made with our special creamy Filipino Spaghetti meat sauce, and cheese! Fits 12-15 people! 


Vegetarian Lasagna ($28)

Meat substituded for mushrooms, spinach, and italian herbs. 

add plant based Vegan meat (+9)


KBBQ Tacos ($5/$9)

2 or 4 street tacos, Mestizo style! mouth watering Korean BBQ Brisket and Beef Short Plate (beef bacon) on a warm corn tortilla; topped with pickled daikon and carrots.


Snacks and Sides

Ube Wontons ($10)

Crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside!

1 dozen golden deep fried wontons filled with cream cheese and ube.


Frozen Ube Wontons ($17)

Store some in your freezer so you can cook a scrumptious snack

at home at your own pace!


French Fries ($4)

Munch on some thin n’ crispy shoestring fries along with your entrée.




Horchata- ($2)

Mango Nectar Juice- ($2)





**Hamburguesa Man**- 200

We will send 2-3 of our fellow mestizos/mestizas to grill up juicy hamburguesas fresh for your whole party, starting at only $200! Email us for more info.

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